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A 2 day hands on, intensive course, teaching you the fastest way to get out of lingering debt.

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What if I told you that you could pay off your OSAP or other student loan, credit card(s), line of credit, car loans, outstanding bills and the money you owe your friends/family much, much faster than you currently think?

Here’s a secret. You can.


Your debt does not have to take years and years of blood, sweat, tears and ridiculous amounts of interest payments before it is paid off.

It will require knowing exactly what to do as well as hard work and sacrifice, but when you have a system for paying off your debt, you CAN become debt-free and do it much faster than you have thought possible.

Is it difficult for you to imagine yourself being completely debt free? Owing not one company (or person) a cent? Do you:

Earn a steady income but debt is not getting reduced. You have money coming in consistently each month but for some reason, the debt that you owe hasn’t reduced substantially in the last few months or years. You’re frustrated because you don’t know where your money is going if it’s not helping you get out of debt. I mean, what’s the point of it then?

Fluctuating or inconsistent income and repaying your debt feels impossible. Your current income is unstable or simply not enough to survive or thrive. And definitely not enough to consider being able to pay off your debt right now. And because of that your debt has hung around for longer than you want to think about.

Paying into debt but see no difference in the owed amounts. You’ve started paying money into your credit card or other debt consistently but each time you check your statements, it’s back where you were when you started. The debt just doesn’t seem to be getting any lower or it looks like it will take you a ridiculous amount of time to pay it all off.

Have no idea when you’ll ever be out of debt? Your current “IM DEBT FREE” timeline (that’s how long it’s going to take you to be able to say like myself and tons of my clients, I’M DEBT FREE!) So if that timeline is looking like never never land. Or you honestly can’t even picture yourself out of debt because you’re so stuck or you’ve been here for so long. The debt feels so overwhelming and stressful you have tried to ignore it but it just keeps getting worse.


Tried to come out of debt before but for some reason, it never actually gets paid off?

Or is this your first time seriously trying to come out of debt and you don’t know where to start and how to make sure you do it RIGHT?

Did you raise your hand to one or two of the above scenarios? Great. You are in the right place!


Guess what?

The truth is, nothing changes if nothing changes.

Meaning, if you want to actually get rid of your debt and live your life FREE from creditors and financial stress, you need to do something different from what you've been doing.

Get this.

You can do this in a ridiculously short amount of time if you have a simple system. A proven strategy. A solid Get Out Of Debt Plan.

If you learned how to increase the money coming in, decrease your bills, put more toward your debt payments and who to pay when so that your debt is being paid off quickly.


I want you to take a moment and imagine a world where you are truly free.
here you could finally...

Travel to the places you’ve always talked about without being chained to a job because of debt payments.

Use the money you earn for things (and people) you actually care about.

Gain enough financial flexibility to build your dream business or stop working crazy hours every week.

Give to causes that make your heart swell.

Invest your money and save up for big financial goals, like getting a house.

Take a vacation.

Invest in yourself.

Pursue God’s dream for your life with absolutely nothing holding you back.


I want to introduce you to the system that has helped myself and tons of my clients get rid of $20-$70,000 debt in the shortest time possible:

You Can Get Out Of Debt

You Can Get Out Of Debt (the G.O.O.D system) is my step-by-step course and community where I’ll teach you my highly effective Debt Freedom SYSTEM, so you can stop throwing your money at your creditors without a plan and start crossing them totally off your owing list. QUICKLY.

Discover ALL the strategies I've taught to my one-on-one Debt Freedom Coaching clients as well as tons of online students on how to increase your income, lower your monthly bills, create a Get Out Of Debt Plan and a solid Monthly Spending Plan to go with it


This is the same system I used to get rid of $23,000 of my own personal debt in a ridiculously short amount of time.

And the best part? I’ll show you how to STAY out of debt. I will teach you financial principles that not only help for debt freedom but having a solid financial foundation for the rest of your life.

We’re not just trying to finish paying off your debts here. We’re teaching you principles that will help you hit much bigger financial goals after your debt is paid.

Meet Beres and Zabrina

Having a background in financial management (Beres), we were confident that we would eventually get our debt sorted out. However, after adding wedding debt and our personal debts together, trying to make sense of it became overwhelming.

Our biggest concern was that we would struggle for years to pay off our debts because we feared facing them together. Because of this course and Toyin’s expertise, we organized our debts and income (which showed us how super manageable everything actually was (with discipline of course).

“You Can Get Out Of Debt” helped us to see our real financial situation (good, bad and ugly) without judgments and helped us to keep our focus on getting DEBT-FREE. Now we have our Get Out of Debt Plan, and we are using the Debt Domino’s method to pay it off. We have defined plans to hit our financial goals and there is SO MUCH relief and hope in our family.

To anyone struggling to get started on sorting out your financial plans, having the right program and the right coach in your corner will DEFINITELY help you. Toyin’s “You Can Get Out Of Debt” course and her expertise will totally set you on the right path.


Look, everyone wants to be debt free, yet, RBC Bank did a poll in Dec 2016 and found that 75% of Canadians are in debt.

WHY? What’s stopping YOU (and so many others) from becoming debt free?

Guys, I know this feeling, I was there myself. I ignored my $23,000 debt for a few years hoping it would poof and disappear but it got worse and worse until I couldn’t run away from it anymore.

Imagine HOW SHOCKED I was when I was able to apply the same principles within this course to become debt free in a crazy short amount of time. I wondered why on earth I waited that long to get started on the whole journey!

Part of what causes this overwhelm is a lack of knowledge. When you don’t know HOW to go about paying off your debt, it’s almost impossible not to be overwhelmed by it.

That saying is true - if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Many people attempt coming out of debt without having created a strategic Get Out Of Debt plan. Because of this, many people are putting money toward their debt and it simply is not going anywhere because they are not paying it off in the right way.


Look, your debt will not just disappear. It will not magically leave your credit report. Unless you wait a full 7 years and allow it to wreck your financial life for all those years when you could have paid it off completely in much less time.

Meet Mia

Before I started the “You Can Get Out of Debt” Course, I didn’t know where to start with addressing my debt. Everything seemed so overwhelming. I was mostly concerned about making consistent payments because my income was very low and fluctuated every month. So for me, what helped the most was learning how to increase my income: using my skill sets and talents to provide services that generate extra cash. Obviously it takes work on my end, but I’m beginning to see the gap between what’s going out and what I earn get smaller and smaller.

Since taking this course I feel much more confident in reaching my goal to be completely debt free. I feel relieved and even excited for what the future has in store. My Get Out Of Debt Plan played a great part in helping me dream again, and believe those dreams will actually come true. Trust the process - your financial freedom is worth the investment.


Lifetime Access To All 7 Modules
A masterclass experience including:


Module One: Laying The Right Foundation For Debt Freedom

  1. You will get a monthly spending plan worksheet that will help you figure out where you are financially today. What do you owe exactly? How much is coming in? Where is your money leaking? Where is your money going? What is your current debt freedom timeline projection?
  2. You will also figure out what your WHY is for coming out of debt (because that is what will keep you doing it until it’s finished) and you will learn how to set short, mid-term and long-term financial goals in a way that you can actually hit them.

Module 2: Fuel For The Journey - Building TENACITY

  1. You will learn exactly why you need to get out of debt and see the bigger picture of just how you debt has been affecting you (whether you were aware of it or not). You will also learn the exact mindset you need to become debt free. You will learn how to build tenacity and break each habit that has been putting you further into the debt hole.
  2. One of the most requested parts of this module is the podcast on “What Your Creditors Don’t Want You To Know) where I let you in on some secrets that banks and credit card companies do not want you, the consumer to know.

Module 3: Your “Get out Of Debt Plan

  1. This module is the bread and butter of this course. Here you will learn exactly how to create your very own Get Out Of Debt plan including my trademark Debt Dominos formula in which I share with you the most strategic order for paying off your debt.
  2. In this module you will also learn exactly how you can negotiate with your creditors wo potentially bring your debt amount down in Canada.

Module 4: Create Your Monthly Spending Plan

  1. A major key to successfully coming out of debt is creating and using a monthly spending plan or as some ppl call it, a budget. In this module of the course, you will learn how to create your own monthly spending plan, tailored to your debt freedom journey. Oh! And this plan will work for those who have a steady income as well as those whose income fluctuates! (A little birdie told me it’s pretty difficult to budget when your income isn’t a set amount each month- that birdie lied! lol)
  2. I will also give you a link to the best FREE budgeting app that is out there for anyone coming out of debt. Yes you may know about Mint, or your bank’s budgeting app but they are not tailored for your savings goals and debt freedom like the app you are going to learn about in this module. It’s unrivalled and did I mention it was free? You’re welcome :)
  3. You will also learn how to stay committed to the monthly spending plan you create instead of forgetting about it 3 weeks after you get started.

Module 5: Get Yo’ Hands Outta My Pocket! How To Lower Your Monthly Bills

  1. This Module is a standalone course that is valued at $197 on it’s own and would be included in this course completely free. In it I teach you how to figure out exactly where you money may be leaking as well as how a client of mine lowered her car insurance by $925 a year with the exact same address, cars, policy, people simply because she knew how to negotiate and what discounts to ask for.
  2. You will learn how to lower your your phone, cable and internet bills. How to save 25% while grocery shopping and how to pick up savings on your rent, parking, hydro and utilities on your next move.

Module 6: How To Increase Your Income

  1. This is another one of the highly requested modules in “You Can Get Out Of Debt”. Here you will learn valuable information that is normally only have available to my business coaching clients. In this module I teach you exactly how earning a higher income will help you in your debt freedom journey and how to use that extra cash flow effectively. We will then address the change that has to take place in your mind in order for you to start earning what you want.
  2. You will find out whether you have been sabotaging yourself financially and then you will take the career and personality assessment quiz to figure out exactly what path you need to start on, in order to increase your income.
  3. After the assessment, I will give you 15 different suggestions for actually increasing your income. These suggestions will assist both entrepreneurs and those who love their corporate 9-5. Entrepreneurs will then receive free powerful insight from my business coaching program - i Heart My Job.

Module 7: What The Bible Says About Debt, Spending and Money.

  1. Here, you will learn amazing wisdom and insight that will help you build a strong financial foundation for your life.

That’s Not All…
You get these SIX Bonuses for FREE if you book today!
* Bonus availability guaranteed until midnight.
Thereafter, we reserve the right to remove them.

Swipe File Of My Summarized “Get Out Of Debt”
Webinar Training Slides.

$297 Value

Debt Dominos and Get Out Of Debt Plan
Actionable Workbook

$297 Value

Swipe file of Toyin’s negotiation checklist
with car insurance companies.

$197 Value

Workbook On Increasing Your Income
15 Questions to help you determine
WHAT your passion job or business is.
$997 Value

The Monthly Spending Plan Worksheet.
$197 Value

Access to The g.o.o.d. Lounge (Get Out Of Debt
Canada), our private Facebook VIP Lounge.

Join a safe and active space where myself and former students are available to answer questions about the best way to apply the course teachings to your debt freedom situation.

$497 Value


The G.O.O.D. Alumni

What My Clients Say

Meet Dara

Before Toyin’s Course, I felt completely overwhelmed. I was working full-time but still not able to make ends meet. My biggest concern coming out of debt was that I did not have the money to do it. Toyin solved this fear with her advice on increasing my income. Her teachings confirmed the thoughts I had been having for months, and even added practical suggestions to my thoughts. With her coaching, I was able to know exactly how much more I needed in my income if I wanted to hit my "I’M DEBT FREE!" timeline goal. I put it into action and it worked for me.

Her negotiation tips helped me bring my total home and auto insurance bill with full comprehensive coverage for TWO cars, to $280 each month. I was paying $447/month for one car’s liability insurance before that. I was saving over $2,000/year in just my car insurance. I was amazed. This was a huge help. Because of the extra cash flow from the lower monthly bills and the increased income, within 2 months I was able to fully pay the people I owed back, leaving me with only credit card payments to finish paying off.

I thought my debt would bind me to Toronto and my job till the day I died.. and I am pretty young! I really regretted ever making some financial decisions that caused me to go waaay into debt and I couldn't see a way out of it that wouldn't put me further into the debt hole then I already was.

When I created my Get out of Debt plan I was at first appalled at how I was actually wasting my money away (all those coffees add up!) but I was REALLY excited and relieved to finally know that there was a road to FREEDOM from my debt! It actually existed! I was totally relieved to see that mistakes I made with my money could be fixed. It felt like I was getting a second chance at this adult-ing thing!

I understood my money and how to use it MUCH better. And I found out that I could get out of OVER $40,000.00 dollars of debt within a 3-4 year range instead of trying to do it for the rest of my life. That was the day i realized there was HOPE and for me, it was priceless. If you’re are in debt and need to find a way out I would HIGHLY recommend Toyin’s You Can Get Out Of Debt Course because you will not regret the things she will teach you! I can finally see my freedom.

- Kerri

Because of Toyin’s course, I saved $925/year on my car and home insurance with the exact same company, same coverage, same cars and same people - after a 30 minute negotiation! She’s good at what she does!

- Tayo


You've got two choices here...

You could keep trying to figure all of this stuff out on your own (which often takes even the most hard-working and intelligent people years to do).


You could steal my strategies and begin to see massive results in a matter of weeks. Think about where you want to be in paying off your debt, six months from now...or even ONE month from now -

Do you have a proven plan to get there?

Invest in your debt freedom journey today and get:

  1. Lifetime Course Access
  2. Over 10 full-length video training sessions
  3. 5 podcast training sessions
  4. A master class experience
  5. Fully downloadable pdfs and worksheets.
  6. Transcripts of 5 video trainings
  7. Plus 6 bonuses worth over $2,000


The total value of the course is $4,382 - not including the amount you are going to save on interest payments by getting out of debt faster. Or the extra cash you are going to have because of the financial principles in modules like increasing your income.

That stuff is priceless guys.

However, instead of requiring that you pay the full investment of $4,382, I am giving you a discount where you get ALL the course materials and bonuses for just $347 or 7 payments of $57.

Now, I know that my system will help you (1) create a G.O.O.D. (Get Out Of Debt) plan, as well as a solid (2) Monthly Spending Plan using the best FREE budgeting app for debt freedom. I am also confident that my course will show you (3) how to increase your monthly cash flow in order to get out of debt faster.

In fact, I am so sure about this, that if you finish the course (complete the lessons, workbooks and follow my techniques) within 30 days and you do not get these 3 things out of it, you can ask for a refund of the full investment you made. For online course students only.

Guys, that’s a guarantee. You actually have nothing to lose.

Hey there, I’m Toyin Crandell and I am a Debt Freedom Coach.
I help people who are financially stressed and overwhelmed by debt lower their monthly bills, increase their income and get.out.of.debt. so that they can live at their highest potential.

Specifically, I help my students and clients get their financial life on track and SHED THE DEBT!

We’re talking,

  • Student loans
  • Line of credit
  • Credit cards
  • Car loans
  • Payday advances
  • Family and friends
  • Outstanding bills

Most of my clients shed debt ranging from $20-$70,000. With some g.o.o.d. Alumni paying off over $100,000 applying the principles from my debt freedom system.
But for me, it’s bigger than the debt.

BEST part of my work is helping my students:

  • Get peace of mind
  • Finally have FREEDOM to do whatever they want with their money and their time.
  • Travel
  • Save up for other financial goals
  • Feel great knowing that everyone’s been paid of. Everyone. Family. Creditors. Friends. Frenemies... EVERYONE.

But things weren’t always so great.

7 years ago, I was $23,000 in debt and knew the crushing weight of financial stress, income that wasn’t nearly enough for paying off my debt, owing almost everyone around me and weekly creditor calls.

It was so bad that for years I ignored my debt thinking it would be impossible to pay off.

After a life-changing experience, I took responsibility of it, learned how to create my own Get Out of Debt plan and a few other principles. I applied what I was learning and became completely debt free much faster than I ever thought possible!

Afterwards, I created a simple, easy to follow system which I now use to help others achieve the same results I did.


Back then, I wasn’t earning a large amount of income. So trust me, if you don’t think you’re earning enough to come out of debt,
my system has a solution for YOU.

By The End Of This Course...:

  1. You will have discovered the fastest way to get rid of lingering debt and actually BECOME DEBT FREE!

  2. You will have created your own “Get Out OF Debt” plan which will include the Debt Domino’s order for paying off your debt.

  3. You will have reduced whatever expenses (phone, cable, internet, home and car insurance, groceries, rent) and any other bills that have been draining your wallet unnecessarily.

  4. You will know exactly what path fits you for increasing your income so that you can begin to build in your I Heart My Job field and get more money in your debt payment cash flow.

  5. You will shorten your IM DEBT FREE timeline by years!

  6. You will have peace of mind knowing that your debt is being paid of step by step and that it is only a matter of time until you are debt free.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and ends when you have completed it. It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
Forever, my friend! Register for You Can Get Out Of Debt once and you'll have lifetime access to the course materials, which will continuously be updated with any new strategies, videos, and course materials.
Could I just find this information for free online?
You can find just about anything online these days, but does that mean it's actually going to help you come out of debt? Not at all! One of the reasons I created this course is because there is so much generic information online about financial freedom but not many teaching you how to be strategic about getting out of debt. The information you find online will not give you the hand holding, step-by-step process that is easily customizable to YOUR situation which you will get in this course. Also, you will not get the community of like-minded people who are also focused on coming out of debt, know the same principles you know and are willing to actually walk this debt freedom journey with you.
I’m in debt, how will I be able to afford this?
The fact is you can’t afford not to take “You Can Get Out Of Debt”. Many people who are in debt find ways to get and do the things that matter to them and if becoming debt free is actually a priority, be willing to invest in yourself through a course like this. If your car broke down or your bus pass was stolen, you would figure out how to fix/replace it. Already, the course has been made completely accessible at $57/mth and the value you will get for the low price of this course is HUGE! I’ll let Mia speak to this - “If you’re considering this course, you admit that what you’ve been doing isn’t working and that’s great! There’s hope for you and this course is a great environment to help you change. Trust the process - financial freedom is worth the sacrifices.”
What format is the course content delivered in?
Good question! The course materials are shared as video content, transcripts, as well as some downloadable pdfs and workbooks. So, whether you prefer to read, write, watch, or listen to the content, you'll be covered.
What if this course doesn’t help me sort out by debt?
If you take this course, finish the workbooks and apply it’s principles within the first 30days and you do not have a clear Get Out Of Debt Plan, Debt Dominos’ plan and Monthly Spending Plan, you are absolutely welcome to ask for your entire investment back. That’s right. You get your full money back if the material in this course does not set you on a direct path to your debt freedom.
I barely have enough time to get things done as it is - how will I find the time to implement this program?
I know you’re crazy busy. And the last thing I want to do is tack on another project to your never-ending to-do list. But here’s the thing - it’s either you invest 2 days into learning the contents within this course (or a bit longer if you want to pace it out), and save yourself 5 years or 10 years off your debt repayment timeline. A small investment of time now, will save you tons of time later. Oh! And money too (in interest payments). So my goal isn’t to add another item to your list, but to show you very quickly that your debt can be eliminated fast. Because if you knew the kind of return you’d get out of this course and its implementation, then I can all but guarantee you’ll find the time (and quickly shed some of the ineffective/less fun activities you’re currently doing).
I only want to learn how to lower my monthly bills, I don’t want the full “You Can Get Out Of Debt” course.
You are able to enroll in “How To Save Money On Your Bills, Every Month” directly from the Toyin Crandell School Homepage. However, remember that you are able to apply the principles from You Can Get Out Of Debt to other financial savings goals you may have like tuition, saving for a house or car etc.

Who Is You Can Get Out Of Debt NOT For?

This program is not for people who think that buying a course will suddenly remove their debt and wipe the slate clean without them putting in the effort to get things figured out. You will have to put in the work to see results.

This program is also not for people who are not bothered by their debt. If you have debt and are actually comfortable with it, you can carry it for the next few years and it doesn’t bother you that your money is not your own, this course is not for you.

This course is specifically created for people who are sick and tired of their debt and want to get rid of it as fast as possible. People who are willing to change whatever needs to be changed in order for that to happen.


Now I want to ask you a serious question:

How long have you been in debt? What do you expect to change in order to see a tangible change in your situation this year?!

Have you tried to get out of debt by yourself before? Why didn’t it work?

How much interest are you paying on your student loan, car loan, credit card or line of credit? Would you rather have that money coming into your pocket


Step over the overwhelm.

Take action to become free today!

Get started now!