How To Save Money On Your Bills- Every Month!

Stop staying up at night worrying about how you will cover this month’s bills. Learn how to lower your bills!

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Are you stressed about your bills?

Do you dread using your debit card because you're not sure if it will be declined at the till?

Do you avoid picking up unknown calls because it could be creditors calling?

You cannot afford to continue being stressed about money. You need a break! You need to reduce how much you are paying on your bills and expenses.

You can’t afford to continue going into work completely tired because you were up all night thinking about what you are going to do this month.

You can’t continue to borrow every month from family and friends. You want to be able to pay them back what you already owe.

You want to have extra money in the month that you can spend on yourself. Invest for the future. Get your nails done. Pay off debt. Treat yourself to a long awaited facial at the end of next month. Get that gift for your nephew or child. Go on your mini vacation by summer-time.

You COULD try to figure this out on your own in the middle of your busy schedule.


You could spend DAYS doing all the research, calling tons of insurance companies, phone companies, and other bill companies to get the ammo you need for negotiations.

Worse, you could get started on the research, start looking online and get distracted by the latest episode of Scandal... and 3 months of high bills later, realize you never finished!

Or even worse, you could call your company to renegotiate your contract. Not to mention all the discounts or price points you need to get the BEST deal.
End up locking yourself into another plan where you’re still paying more than you need to.

You could spend the next 3 months working your butt off to finally save a measly $20 on one of your bills by April, 2017.

You could pay $2,500+tax to get a financial advisor to tell you what to do.

You could stay right where you are, in your current place. Nothing changing by the end of 2017.


Can you imagine that? Going through 2017 paying a total of $600-$6000 over the year that you DO NOT HAVE TO?

Imagine, EVERY MONTH taking money that you desperately need for your own life, to pay people who are already rolling in their stacks.


You could admit that you’ve been trying to lower your bills for EVER and not had much success in it.

Look, I won’t waste your time, and I won’t allow you to waste it either.

Your Instructor

Toyin Crandell
Toyin Crandell

Hey there, I’m Toyin Crandell and I am a Debt Freedom Coach. I help people who are financially stressed and overwhelmed by debt lower their monthly bills, increase their income and get.out.of.debt. so that they can live at their highest potential.

Specifically, I help my students and clients get their financial life on track and SHED THE DEBT!

We’re talking,

  • Student loans
  • Line of credit
  • Credit cards
  • Car loans
  • Payday advances
  • Family and friends
  • Outstanding bills

Most of my clients shed debt ranging from $15-$70,000. With some goal getters paying off over $100,000 applying the principles from my debt freedom system.

But for me, it’s bigger than the debt. The BEST part of my work is helping my students

  • Get peace of mind
  • Finally have FREEDOM to do whatever they want with their money and their time.
  • Travel
  • Save up for other financial goals
  • Feel great knowing that everyone’s been paid of. Everyone. Family. Creditors. Friends. Frenemies... EVERYONE.

But things weren’t always so great.

7 years ago, I was $23,000 in debt and knew the crushing weight of financial stress, income that wasn’t nearly enough for paying off my debt, owing almost everyone around me and weekly creditor calls.

It was so bad that for years I ignored my debt thinking it would be impossible to pay off.

After a life-changing experience, I took responsibility of it, learned how to create my own Get Out of Debt plan and a few other principles. I applied what I was learning and became completely debt free much faster than I ever thought possible! Afterwards, I created a simple, easy to follow system which I now use to help others achieve the same results I did.

Back then, I wasn’t earning a large amount of income. So trust me, if you don’t think you’re earning enough to come out of debt, my system has a solution for YOU.

Ps. Those who earn a steady income usually also use that part of the course as well because the more money coming in, the faster your debt gets paid down anyway, so don’t feel left out!

The truth is, within ONE month you are able to change the trajectory of your financial life.

I will give you a proven system that you can use to say NO MORE OVER PAYMENT and lower your bills- for good.

After applying this proven system myself, cutting my family’s bills by over $500 every month, I proceeded to assist tons of other professionals, freelancers, part-timers and full-timers lower their monthly bills by $50-$500 each!!!!

Every. Single. Time.

Why?? So that they could

  • Get out of debt
  • Sleep better at night
  • Invest and build wealth
  • Save up for vacation or some other treat


I know that my system will save you at least $50 each month, if not $500 or more. I will give you a full refund if you finish the course within 30 days and at the end of this training, when you’ve completed all the workbooks and followed my techniques - you did not save at least $50 in total.

Guaranteed. You actually have nothing to lose.

I know that it may be difficult for your to spring the full $247 so I have made the course more accessible for those who really need it.

With our payment plans, you can pay $87 and get started saving today!

Now, you could try to figure this out on your own.

Waste time.

Waste resources.

Start making your negotiation calls and not ask the right questions to get the best deal.

Or you could remain exactly where you are- frustrated every month because your month is longer than your money.

Or you can invest $87 into your peace of mind today.

Receive a proven system, group support and practical steps to lower your bills in one concise (and fun) package.

This is not just a boring step by step formula, but my collection of hilarious negotiation stories, real-life examples and relatable tips that you will actually use.

You may even become the “bill chopper” in your family, calling companies on behalf of your spouse, siblings and parents to get THEIR bills reduced as well.

Imagine how the tables will have turned then!

Imagine paying $600-$6000 less this coming year on your bills.

Imagine the peace of mind you will have!

Check out a free preview of my course below and




  1. Start Here
    1. Course Introduction
    2. Your Story
    3. Stop Your Money's Leaking. How To Stop The Drain.
  2. The smart way to save on your car and home insurance.
    1. Shop Around
    2. Bundle Discounts
    3. NINE More Discounts
    4. Young Driver Discounts
    5. Don't Get Oversold!
    6. Buying a New Car? (Cars That Have The Lowest Insurance Rates)
    7. Final Words
  3. Negotiation is king in lowering your phone, cable and internet bills
    1. Phone Bill Discounts
    2. Cut Your Cable Bill
    3. Pay Less For Your Internet
    4. Final Words
  4. You Drive? You bus? You're Covered. Saving money on transportation.
    1. For Drivers
    2. No Car For Me!
  5. Save 25% On Your Groceries
    1. One Way I Help Families Save 25% On Groceries
  6. Save on your rent. My RENT?! Yes. Your rent.
    1. How To Save On Your Rent (parking, hydro, utilities, maybe even laundry)


*Names withheld for confidentiality purposes

-How To Save Money On Your Bills Every Month Alumni

Toyin helped me to save $235 every month on my monthly payments. I thought I wasn't being paid enough to do the things I really wanted, and after one session going through this course with Toyin, I had an extra $200 available to me every month. Starting that month. I was really impressed.

-How To Save Money On Your Bills Every Month Alumni

Hey Toyin, just wanted to say thank you! Since taking your course, I’ve started thinking more long-term and being more responsible with my money.

I have stopped impulse buying (especially on food and clothing)- hahaha! I’m also using the budgeting app you recommended and that has been helping me organize my income and spending habits while I’m on the go.

I don’t feel like I’m a lost cause anymore!!!!<--BIG DEAL. This debt will be paid off a lot sooner than I thought possible, thanks so much!

-Get Out Of Debt Course Alumni

I took Toyin’s full Get Out Of Debt Course which included her “How to save money on your bills every month”, “How to increase your monthly income” Coaching sessions, and “Creating a Get Out Of Debt plan” course and coaching session.

Before Toyin’s Course, I felt completely overwhelmed. I was working full-time but still not able to make ends meet.

Cards kept declining and I was always afraid whenever I needed to use my debit card because I was not sure if it would be another embarrassing moment. After taking Toyin’s course and realizing that i had an extra $300 dollars that month, I was amazed.

My biggest concern coming out of debt was that i did not have the money to come out of debt.

Toyin solved this fear by giving me advice on increasing my income. She confirmed the thoughts I had been having for months, and even helped me add to it.

With her coaching, I was able to know exactly how much more I needed in my income if I wanted to hit my "I'm debt-free!" goal on time. This allowed me to know how much more work or shifts I needed for each month. I was able to put it into action and it worked for me.

I gained confidence in knowing what I needed to do, how I can prioritize the things I need to come out of debt. My largest expense outside of my mortgage was my insurance- I was paying over $400 a month for liability coverage.

She helped me bring my total home and auto insurance bill with full comprehensive coverage to $280 each month!

I was amazed.

This was a huge help in my finances. Because of the extra cash I now had from the lower monthly bills and the increased income, within 2 months I was able to fully pay the people I owed back, leaving me with only credit card payments to finish paying off.

This was a huge relief, it used to feel so bad spending money on myself when the people I owed could see that I was doing that but not paying them. Now I don’t owe them so I can live and enjoy my life. Since my full “Get Out Of Debt course”, I am now aware of how I spend my money and I know how to manage money.

I have realized that when I don't make a plan for where my money goes, it will go everywhere. To anyone contemplating if you should take this course I would say do it. The stress, anxiety and fear will only subside when you do something about the main cause.

Be honest about your expenses and debt to get the best results. I would 100% recommend any of Toyin’s Get Out Of Debt courses whether you have huge or small debt, it’s better to be free of any debt.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and ends when you have completed it. It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
How can I access your entire “Get Out Of Debt” Course?
That course is currently full. You are able to get on a waiting list if you would like to be the first to know when it opens up for new students. There is always a limited availability due to it’s coaching element. Any student who has already enrolled in one of the courses that are a part of it, receive first priority to register. They also receive a discount for the full “Get Out Of Debt Course”. The different included courses are- How To Save Money On Your Bills Every Month (this one). How To Increase Your Income - Coaching Sessions. How To Create A Get Out Of Debt Plan.


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  3. My 30 Day Money Back Guarantee - Savings of $50 - $500 each month, or your money back!

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  1. Course - How To Save Money on Your Bills- Every Month
  2. Invitation to our “Wisdom For Everyday Life” Facebook Group
    1. Where you will be part of a community of like minded people who are living their highest potential, while paying the least on their monthly bills.
    2. You will also be able to ask Toyin questions throughout your negotiation process and share any challenges you are facing.
  3. A one hour coaching session with Toyin, where she will review your budget and give you direct insight on which bills to address and how to negotiate them down (tailored to you).
  4. The 3 Major Fails Checklist
    1. You wanna check this list to see if you have been making one of these unfortunate, costly mistakes while trying to lower your bills! These mistakes could be costing you thousands of dollars, completely give up your game while you’re negotiating, or even cause your bill payments to increase.
  5. Bonus Video Training on how to use a budget to build wealth. This is one of our most requested video trainings from the “Get Out Of Debt” Course.
  6. My 30 Day Money Back Guarantee - Savings of $50 - $500 each month, or your money back!

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